Seattle’s Best Beverage Caffeine Guide

Seattle's best beverage caffeine
Seattle’s Best Coffee is a company owned by Starbucks, but operates quite differently. They recently have been transitioning to small franchised drive-thru locations with limited options.

Seattle’s Best Brewed Coffee has the same caffeine as their parent company’s brewed coffee does.

Here’s how Seattle’s Best Drive-Thru Coffee Beverages break down caffeine wise.

Seattle’s Best Beverage Caffeine

Hot Cold
Hot Beverage Small
(12 floz)
(16 floz)
(20 floz)
Brewed Coffee 260mg 330mg 415mg
Espresso 75mg
Classic Latte 75mg 150mg 225mg
Cafe Mocha 80mg 160mg 235mg
Cappuccino 75mg 150mg 225mg
S’mores Mocha 85mg 165mg 240mg
Caramel Pretzel Mocha 80mg 160mg 235mg
Mint Chocolate Chip Mocha 80mg 160mg 235mg
Caramel Candy Latte 75mg 150mg 225mg
Hazelnut Creme Latte 75mg 150mg 225mg
Birthday Cake Latte 75mg 150mg 225mg
Cold Beverage Small
(12 floz)
(16 floz)
(24 floz)
Extra Large
(31 floz)
Iced Brewed Coffee 35mg 45mg 55mg 85mg
Iced Mocha 80mg 160mg 235mg
Iced Mint Choc. Mocha 80mg 160mg 235mg
Frozen Mint Choc. Mocha 80mg 110mg 140mg
Iced S’mores Mocha 80mg 160mg 240mg
Frozen S’mores Mocha 85mg 120mg 155mg
Iced Caramel Pretzel Mocha 80mg 160mg 235mg
Frozen Caramel Pretzel Mocha 80mg 115mg 145mg
Frozen Caramel Latte 80mg 115mg 145mg
Iced Caramel Candy Latte 75mg 150mg 225mg
Frozen Caramel Candy Latte 80mg 110mg 135mg*
Iced Hazelnut Creme Latte 75mg 150mg 225mg
Frozen Hazelnut Creme Latte 80mg 105mg 135mg
Iced Birthday Cake Latte 75mg 150mg 225mg
Frozen Birthday Cake Latte 80mg 105mg 135mg

Accuracy? Caffeine in Coffee Can Vary

Seattle’s Best caffeine is based on the average amount of caffeine consumers could expect to find in their coffee.

There are several factors that can influence the caffeine content such as brew type/length, coffee bean quality, and precise measuring of ground coffee and water.

Seattle’s Best History

Seattle’s Best in the second largest coffee roaster in the USA. They started in the 1970s as just a coffee roaster until opening a few cafes called Wet Whisker in the ’80s. The name was changed to Stewart Brothers Coffee, and then Seattle’s Best Coffee in the 1990s. Starbucks bought the company a decade later.

Besides Seattle’s Best company-owned stores and franchised drive-thru’s, their coffee is also served at other “partner” locations such as:

As well as in Seattle’s Best Coffee vending machines throughout the county in locations like motels and offices.

How Does it Compare?

The caffeine in Seattle’s Best Coffee served at partner locations could vary from what they list as the amount expected at their franchised drive-thru stores.

Do you prefer Seattle’s Best over Starbucks?

Source: Seattle’s Best Nutritional Information.


Written by Ted Kallmyer, last updated on December 15, 2020