Bean and Body Coffee

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Bean and Body Coffee is a line of iced canned coffees marketed as all natural. The caffeine content listed above is for Coffee Rescue, which is one of the highest in caffeine. They are made with fair trade coffee and formulated into different "functional" varieties. Mean & Bean Coffees are all made with real milk and other natural ingredients. They do have one formulation made without milk, which is Coffee Vegan.

Caffeine Content of Some Other Bean & Body Coffees

  • Coffee Coconut 48mg
  • Coffee Anti-Ox 36mg
  • Coffee MarTEAni 15mg

How Do They Taste?

I tried a few varieties of the Bean & Body Coffee line and they are pretty good tasting coffee drinks. My only complaint: I prefer bold coffee flavor, so they were a little weak and a tad too sweet. However, I can see how they would appeal to regular iced coffee drinkers and in most regards, they were much more appealing than the artificial tasting brands that are currently on the market.

DISCONTINUED It appears this product is no longer available.

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